Jascha Mejerowicz
Alternate Spelling

             Jascha Mejerowicz                          Яша Меерович                         יעקב מאירוביץ       

As with many names of Slavic origin, different ways of spelling can be found across national boundaries. The following variations have been noted:

Jascha Mejerowicz – original spelling of Yuri's father's name, and the one most often used in Poland, Germany, Palestine and Israel.

Sascha Meirowicz – concert programs listing him as soloist with the Städtischen Orchester, Lüdenscheid (1928).

Jascha Meirowitz – concert program listing him as soloist with the Baden-Baden orchestra (1929).

Jascha Mehrowitz concert program (with Cäcilie Nemenoff) from Königsberg (May 2, 1930).

Jascha Meirowicz – spelling often used in the Rostal-Quartett programs (1930 - 1932).

Jascha Meirowcz – spelling used in a Rostal-Quartett program in Cesena, Italy (January 27, 1932).

Jascha Meierowicz
– concert program of the Meierowicz-Quartet in Berlin (November 15, 1931).

Jascha Mejerowitz - spelling occasionally used in Austria.

J. Mejerowicz – concert programs of the Palestine Symphonic Orchestra (1933 and later).

I. Meirowicz – concert program of the Palestine Philharmonic-Symphony Union (1935).

J. Meyerovicz - promotional material for 5 symphony concerts at Ohel Shem hall (1935 - 1936);
        also, concert program for a recital with Ilona Vincze-Kraus in Haifa (1952).

J. Meirovitz – article in the Palestine Post announcing a Mozart concert in Haifa (1940).

Jan Mejrovic – concert program listing him as soloist with the Yougoslav Royal Orchestra (1942).

J. Meyerowicz - promotional material for symphony concerts at Ohel Shem hall (1935 - 1936)

J. Mejerowitch - spelling used in a concert at the Jascha Heifetz Hall on May 4, 1937.

J. Mejerovicz
- Haifa String Quartet program, 1954  I. S. C. M. World Festival.

Jasha Meyrowitz – spelling used in North America after 1956, occasionally misspelled “Jashua Meyrowitz.”